Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flowers, Owls, and....Seahawks?

I have been really busy lately but have been doing things WAY outside of my norm. It started with baking, which is interesting because I always said that I cook – not bake, but it has moved on to more crafty projects.

If you haven’t heard, the Jet City Tattoo Expo is coming up and I wanted to do a little som’in, som’in for when we’re there. I decided to make some flower hair clips and picked up a few things to get started. After about six clips I got bored with flower so wanted to make something else instead. (I got bored with the TYPES of flowers more than anything else; I just have to go get some different flowers to use.)

Sorry about the blurry pic, I couldn't get a clean shot.

So I wanted to try to make a cute little owl I found on Cut Out & Keep. A handy website for all the DIYers, a community where you can post your projects that you’re working on, view other people’s projects, and check out all the how-to posts if you want to try something new. I have trolled that site for a while and finally bit the bullet and made a cute and simple little owl. It worked well but I followed the pattern to a T and my owl came out the size of a quarter. I have blown up the pattern a bit and we’ll see how that turns out.

I haven’t had a lot of time to make any more flower clips or owls between working and trying to keep the house at least one step above disaster zone but last Sunday Lucky and I got to FINALLY see a Seahawks game live and in person. I have only been to one other Hawks game and Lucky’s never been to a professional football game. We’ve gone to Mariners games and the like but just haven’t had a chance to see the Hawks. Lucky got me tickets for Christmas and Sunday, January 3rd, was the day.

I was worried that Lucky wouldn’t have a good time because he’s more of a baseball guy (I’m the football girl) but we both had a blast.

We got caught in the crowd that was waiting for the celebrity to come out and raise the 12th Man flag. Turns out it was Ken Griffey Jr and I was maybe 3 feet away from him when he went to the flag.
The Seahawks ended up losing to the Titans but it was a good game until the final minutes of the game (of course). Oh well, Lucky and I both had a good time and maybe we’ll go to some more games next season? (hint, hint)

One thing I have to talk about is the amount of food we had while at the park: Lucky and I split a BBQ beef sandwich and pulled pork nachos from Longhorn BBQ, we each got a free hotdog and bottled water, we both had a beer, we split some garlic fries, we had Red Vines, and I know I’m forgetting something but I’m sure there was something else in there. Thank goodness we had to walk a ways to get back to our car….

I have to give a shout out to Patrick who celebrated his birthday with some happy hour appetizers and drinks at Palominos in downtown Seattle. He was our ride back to our car but he and Lucky had planned in advance that we would walk to the restaurant and then he would drive us back to our car. If I would have known that we were walking to PALOMINOS from Qwest Field I would have paid the $20 to park there…. :) It was cold and rainy by the time we got to the restaurant that after sitting in the warmth for 20 minutes Lucky and I were halfway falling asleep. We had a drink and then decided to leave before the group because we would have been curled up underneath the table before Patrick would be leaving to take us back to the car.

So we started walking again from Palominos to Capitol Hill (taking a shortcut through the Convention Center) and finally to our car. We were so tired but still had a good day.
Thank you Lucky and happy birthday Patrick!

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