Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cute as a Button

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big Neil Gaiman fan. I love his books, his movies, I subscribe to his blog RSS, follow him on Twitter, heck – I even bought The Graveyard Book because he said he wanted pie! Soooo, yeah, big fan.

Another person I follow is Bakerella. She does amazing baking projects and I swoon every time I go to her blog. I’m still planning on making cake pops but with everything else going on I barely have time to COOK let alone bake these amazing pops. Soon, I promise.

You’re probably wondering what these two people have to do with each other, and I swear there is a reason, but first a little backstory: Kate’s daycare is doing a whole week of different themed events and Thursday’s event involves treats. Each kid has to bring in treats for the whole class that doesn’t have peanuts included. Kate originally wanted to bring goldfish crackers but another little boy was already set to bring those so we needed a different plan.

Now, this is one of my first school-related activities ever. I always wanted to be one of those parents who gave their kids something creative to bring to the class but, let’s face it, this might be one of the only times where my kids actually bring in something homemade and not from the store the morning the treats are due. I have a lot of ambition but my creative juices pretty much stop the second I get home from work. On a rare occasion I will stay up to 11pm to finish a project but the last time that happened was when I made owls for the Jet City Tattoo Expo three weeks ago!