Monday, January 11, 2010

Best of Etsy: Ceramics

Last week I had read a posting from about creative bathroom storage ideas.  One of the storage items was a cute set of 3 ceramic hanging bowls that were designed for the kitchen but gave the bathroom a refreshing look. 

While checking out the bowls I got hooked into looking at other ceramic goods for sale at  I loved so many different ceramic items that I wanted to share them with you all.  These are but a few of the amazing items; I highly recommend checking out Etsy for yourself and then you'll have to watch your spending - there are too many great items to choose from!

  • Pacman Mosaic Mirror - I saw this girl when we went down to the Portland Tattoo Convention last August and I was tempted to pick up this mirror.  I was kicking myself on our drive back to Seattle for not grabbing it while we were there.  I'm glad I grabbed her card so now I can order one at any time.
  • Colorful Prep Bowls - I love cute little bowls; I can never own enough.  These would be perfect for my newfound baking abilities.
  • 3 Ceramic Hanging Bowls - The aqua set of these bowls were showcased in the CasaSugar slideshow but I prefer the purple.  I don't know whether I want a set for the kitchen or the bathroom....I might just have to get a set for each!
  • Argyle Sweater Serving Bowl - Ummmm, hello?!?  An argyle sweater serving bowl.  Need I say more?
  • Poppy Bowls - I loved the vivacious color of these bowls, I just wish I entertained more and had use for these.
  • Cupcake Stand - How stinking cute are these? A stand for individual cupcakes is perfect for someone who prefers to make cupcakes over cakes or to help celebrate a little girl's first birthday.  Or for this guy.
  • Rainbow Jar - I can see this little jar be used on a HGTV design show where they base an entire room's color palatte off one item.  This item would be it.
  • Dessert Plates - As you can see I have a few favorites from this designer.  Anyone who knows me knows that two of my favorite little designs are swirls and stars.  This has both.  Yeah.  Both.
  • Snuggle Bunnies S&P Shakers - OMG, if I didn't already have some pretty sweet salt and pepper shakers, I would definitely pick these up.
  • Aqua Flower Brick - I like the ikebana style of this so-called "brick."  It allows one or two little flowers look as beautiful as it would completely full.
  • Soup Mug - It's rainy today in Seattle so maybe that is what inspired me to pick this mug. I love the "earthiness" of the style and color and it looks like it's just WAITING for me to make a soup.  Maybe some tomato soup with a side of grilled cheese???
  • Fried Egg Pin/Magnet - These are kind of stretching it because they're made of glass but I can't really pass up a fried egg pin.  Could you?

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