Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Man, did this really happen?

I wanted to do a follow up to my post the other day about going to the ER. I went in for an ultrasound this morning and not only was I surprised that the baby is fine, but according to the size of the baby, I am almost a month farther along than what I had originally thought! The size of the baby puts me to deliver on January 19th – not February 13th as I had calculated. Looking back at my calendar now, it kind of makes sense…but I won’t go into detail as how I have that figured.

I can’t begin to tell everyone how much stress has been relieved from both Lucky and I. The first day and a half after this whole thing started I had no hope whatsoever but as I slowly got my pregnancy symptoms back (nausea, heartburn, constant trips to the bathroom) I slowly started to regain optimism. Today has been such a good day! I can’t stop thinking about it!

I have to show pictures of our little parasite – he was flipping and kicking around, I’m sure it’s a boy! It will be a while but he already wants to beat up Mommy…..

Here is the first picture. Can you see the small black opening on the outside of the left side of the baby sac? (Yes, I said sac...) That's what caused all the blood last Thursday. The ultrasound tech said that the sac (yes, I know) came away from the side and although said it is quite common, it still might cause me problems (with me, not the baby) if I'm not careful. I just have to make sure I don't lift heavy things and rest often. Unfortunately that means I can no long pick up Kate. :(

Here are a few more, it is discerning to know, even after already going through this once, that although my baby is roughly the size of a prune you can still see his facial features.

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