Monday, June 30, 2008

Things have taken a turn for the worst

Last Thursday started out fine and I went through the whole day without a hitch. I fell asleep at the shop until 7:30 or so and after a while of figuring out what we wanted to eat, I scooped up Kate to put her in the car and off we were to get Lucky some dinner. I come back to the shop and the instant I get out of the car there is a gush (TMI) and all of a sudden my pants, shoes and half the pavement is covered in blood. I didn’t want to move and I certainly wasn’t going to go into the shop that way, I grabbed my phone and called Lucky to come outside right away. I was handling the situation fine until I saw Lucky’s panicked expression on his face. That made me start shaking and crying and he was saying that he would drop everything to drive me home. For some reason he thought I couldn’t drive myself home. Yes, it was like I took a bloodbath with my clothes on from the waist down but I didn’t feel any differently so Lucky grabbed me some paper towels for my seat, I got back in the car and drove Kate and I to the house. It was hard because I wanted to cry but Kate was watching me in the rearview mirror the whole time and she was starting to tear up and kept repeating “Don’t cry Mommy.” It was all I could do not to cry to that.

We got back to the house, I rushed Kate inside and got her set up with some food, I went to take a shower before I went to the ER. I thought I would gradually work my way to the hospital during this pregnancy but that didn’t work out so we were trying to find our way to the ER amidst the construction and confusion in the panic. We finally find it and then hurry up and wait for four hours. Luckily they got me checked in quickly and let me lie down on a bed (albeit on the side of the triage hallway because they didn’t have rooms available). Dan graciously came and picked up Kate and took her home for the evening. Kate had a blast playing with all of Danica’s toys and wasn’t upset at all!

Around 1:00am or so the nurses finally let us into a room and gave me morphine (morphine!) for the cramp pain along with saline solution. I finally got two ultrasounds around 1:45am, I was totally defeated and tired and didn’t watch the ultrasounds at all. Lucky was at the cafeteria eating during the one hour they were open. My report came back around 3:30am saying that there is a fetal heartbeat. Lucky and I just looked at this nurse flabbergasted that he would say there was anything left in my stomach. He then proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t give me any further details and I have to go back to my practitioner in a week for a follow-up ultrasound. So, all that time, energy, stress and money wasted for a follow-up. Aargh!

Things are about as well as they can be, I’m not holding out too much hope that anything will survive because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. I’m trying to make a doctor’s appointment but of course this is the week that our minutes are used and we have to wait for the next cycle to begin making things extremely difficult… Another aargh! Right now I’m supposed to take it easy, (the person I spoke with on the phone today said to make sure my pelvis is relaxed….) and we’ll see how it goes. Well, here goes….

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