Friday, July 18, 2008

Ahhhh, A Responsible Parent....or P.O'd Movie Watcher

Finally! Someone speaks up about all those stupid people who bring their kids to the late and inappropriate movies. Lucky and I had a same experience at the 9:45pm showing of 30 Days of Night but it makes me mad every time I think of it so I won't say anything....

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What are those kids doing at ‘Dark Knight’?
Posted: 11:33 AM ET
Today’s buzz revolves around two questions: Have you seen “The Dark Knight” and when do you plan to see it?

So consider this. You’ve paid $9 (or more) for the ticket, $4 for the popcorn and you’ve threaded your way to the seat your friends have been fighting to save for you. You get settled to enjoy the movie, one you’ve been dying to see. Then it happens — the crying baby, the kid asking their parents questions, the foot kicking your chair.

Isn’t this a PG-13 rated movie? Isn’t it past their bedtime? It seems like no curfew is necessary when parents are bringing their kids to adult movies. It’s as if the children are their friends.
Where are the boundaries? There are adults’ films and kids’ films. I never consider having a drink and going to see “Hannah Montana” with a theater full of tween girls because that would be inappropriate. It is equally inappropriate to bring a small child and expect that they will understand or appreciate the film they are seeing.

So what does a parent do when they want to see “The Dark Knight”? You consider that not every moviegoer is interested in being your babysitter. Leave the kids at home — and, for that matter, think before you let your preteens go on their own.

– Audrey Irvine, CNN National Desk

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Peter said...


I think there were some kids behind us at Dark Knight (10:30 pm show), but the movie was so awesome I didn't notice anything else going on around us. :)