Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Although I have known about the site for a while, I just added Christy Powers' blog to my blog list on the right-hand side. She and her husband Jason are expecting their first child on January 19th so she is my pregnancy buddy on the East Coast.

It is funny, and a little eerie, about how their lives wrap into ours. Check this out:
  • Jason has been a friend of Lucky's for years down in Grass Valley and when he moved up to Seattle to go to art school he was close enough to be able to attend our wedding in 2003.
  • When I was pregnant with Kate (which isn't saying much because unbeknownst to me I was two weeks pregnant at our wedding) we drove over to Seattle to see Jason and Christy get married at the compass on the hill top of Gasworks Park. That was Lucky's first experience in Seattle, our first roadtrip together, and first time we met Christy.
  • At our first wedding anniversary we spent the evening of St. Pattys Day with Jason and Christy up on Capitol Hill and that was the night that we realized that we wanted to move to Seattle. (of course, I think J&C knew this because they immediately moved to NYC after we told them about our Seattle plans...) :)
  • Now, we come to find out they are pregnant and due around the same time we are!

Only a bunch of coincidences but fun just the same.

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Christy said...

Aw, a blog about lil ol' me! I'm glad you're finally writing again, I check in every so often. My life's been hectic lately, too, with the move and just daily living in this city of ours. I would tell you that we would be moving back to the west coast in a couple years, but Jason has just decried that we are never moving again - apparently going to raise all our children and die in the little 2-bedroom in Queens we now occupy. :) But I'm glad to have a preggy buddy with due date so close to mine - the race is one!