Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do You Want to Know What We Are Having?

We finally had our second doctor’s appointment this morning and I was kind of nervous because I was curious if my placenta had reattached to my uterus or if I was going to have problems later on in the pregnancy. It turns out that the placenta has in fact reattached so I was relieved that I had been careful enough to endure that happened. I have to admit there were a few times when I wasn’t as cautious, like when we were at the Nevada County Fair and they guys were trying to break up a fight. Lucky threw Kate at me so I was holding her away from the crowd while they did their thing. But that’s another story for another time.

Lucky went to the appointment with me so he got to be there when the technician told us what we were having. Want to know what we are having?

Drum roll please…….

We are having a BOY!

I am 18 weeks and 4 days with a due date of January 15th. All of our family and friends are going to be in town so this kid better be on time!

Lucky is telling everyone the name so I will put it here. His name will be Oliver Quinn Joseph Barnard. Don’t make fun of the two middle names, we were going to name him just Oliver Quinn but after we found out it was going to be a boy we were waiting for the doctor and Lucky asked me if we could put Joseph in there as well. Joseph is a middle name tradition on Lucky’s real dad’s side of the family and I can’t resist any genuine family tradition so in the name goes. Check out the ultrasound pics below. I know that they can look like blobs to some people but I promise that ultrasound technology is far more advanced than it was 10 years ago and the pictures are clearer.

Here is a profile view of the whole baby. He has both arms out in front of him but you can still see his little nose

Watch out, he's looking at you. Can you see his eyes and nose?

The technician thought we needed a picture of the little guy's toes. I guess with Lucky as the father one can never be too careful. Yes, there are only five. We thought it was too early to see if there are claws or fangs but we noticed that it was lacking horns. Maybe they come later....

This one might be a little X-rated but for all those that may have had a question about the gender...

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Peter said...

That's awesome! Congrats again, and Oliver Quinn is a really cool name. :)