Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jewelry Now Has a Home!

I finally made a jewelry box! My jewelry has been scattered over my bedroom, backpack, bag, and bathroom for the last few years and I'm done! I've finally found the motivation to do something about my jewelry problem and came up with this little bad boy.

{yes there is a surf board in my room. don't judge.}

{I had originally picked up this box for free from a wine distributer looking to get rid of it. That was way too easy. I called them up, asked if they had any wooden boxes, and went down to collect. It's amazing what stores will have on hand to give you for free.}

This glorified stack of wood was intended to create a storage bin to put on a shelf in my craft area, however, the shelf isn't even hung on the wall yet (we needed shelves for other areas of the house) and the shelf we have wouldn't hold a crate this large. So it's been sitting under my desk for the past few months. And that is boring. Finally I had the brilliant idea to paint it, turn it on its side, stick some dowel rods in it, and call it good. Of course I didn't think of taking pictures during this process so unfortunately all you get to see if the final product.

I picked up a dowel rod for $.68, a hacksaw for $3.49 (to cut the dowel), and a can of gray semi-gloss paint for $10.99. Total I spent $15.16 for this baby and have enough paint left over for a few project to come. Now I just have to find all my jewelry to fill it!

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