Friday, July 17, 2009

Lucky and Erin: 6 Years of Togetherness without any Deaths

Today is a day that will live in infamy. Not likely but Lucky and I have beaten the odds of staying together for 6 years. Anyone who knew Lucky back in the day, a la the days where he went by the name Chris, is still in a constant state of shock that Lucky is together with someone longer than 2 weeks! I might have something to do with that – 6 years ago today I hung out at Lucky’s house and pretty much never left.

I could write this post looking back at all the fun and not-so-fun times we’ve had, for example me getting on with my pregnant self kindly explaining to Lucky the importance of getting the correct Rocky Road ice cream because of the differences between marshmallow cream and actual marshmallows (actual marshmallows win). Or the time that Lucky called me at work to inform me he had just burnt down our kitchen making tacos and was on his way to the hospital because he lit his hand on fire. I could talk about all the times we stayed up all night talking or playing 20 questions (actually more like 300) until we decided to get up and go to Dennys at 3am on a Tuesday night. There were the crazy 400-person parties, Halo parties (my favorite was the one on Superbowl Sunday where 25 people were in the room and I was the only one that saw the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction), moving days, knock down drag out fights, and the tattooing all-nighters.

Still I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy anniversary of togetherness, Lucky. We’re wading through the muck, still have a long way to go, but I can’t see it with any other person. I love you.


Jessika said...

You two are so stinking cute. Cheers to love and cheers to you two!

Southard Family said...

you do such a great job at writing.. you really should update your blog more often. You guys are so cute together! congrats on making it this far!