Friday, January 23, 2009

First Real Pics of Oliver and Kate

Grandpa and I had so much fun today taking Oliver and Kate to Kiddie Kandids for their first photo sitting. Oliver was awake and looking around making picture taking that much easier. Kate was, of course, a ham and smiling like her face was always in that position. The only thing that was driving me crazy was her hair - it was like all the static in the city landed on her head and making her hair either flat or standing straight up. Oh well, the pics turned out all right anyway. I have to upload some pics from my camera of Kate and Oliver posing at the studio but I have the completed portraits below.

Tonight we took the kids to see Madagasgar: Escape 2 Africa and Kate loved it. Grandpa had never seen the first Madagasgar and was lauging his arse off the entire time. Oliver slept the whole time and was so easy to manage. Yes, we were those people who brought an infant to the theater but we figured it was a kids movie and it was at the discount theater so there wouldn't be that many people there. There were more people than I expected but most of them had children so if Oliver had cried it wouldn't have been that much of a problem.

Now we are over at a friend's house and were talking about how much Oliver weighs. It has been a few weeks since his last doctor's appointment and I know he is so much larger than the 6 1/2 pounds he weighed a week and a half ago. Our friend happened to have a pretty accurate scale so we put Oliver on the scale and although we couldn't get the most accurate reading because he was squirmy, we figure that he now weighs at least 7 1/2 pounds. We weren't that surprised because we can tell that he has filled out so much and he can't stop eating! Oliver eats so much it is not humanly possible for such a little guy to eat that much. I'm so afraid of how much he's going to eat as a teenager....

Here are the promised pics from the photo sitting today:

Also, congratulations to Jason and Christy Powers and their new little boy: Max Powers. (Lucky has a feeling his full name is Maximum Powers. Is this right??? :D)

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