Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sonics Who?

So Sunday the T-Mobile team was treated to a suite at the Sonics game to watch them play the Lakers. I couldn't pass this opportunity up again so I asked Lucky, got a babysitter for Kate, and drove my ass downtown (if anything it was because we had a suite). I had checked online to see if suites were anything worth writing home about and found that they go for about $100K per season. WHAT???? Holy crap! Then I thought: why shouldn't we have a suite? T-Mobile does sponsor the NBA so it's only appropriate that they have something nice.

The team met down at McHugh's at 5pm. (Yeah right, everyone was late except Kristen and her boyfriend, Chris.) We had a few beers and then I scuttled everyone down to the arena because this was my first professional basketball game I didn't want to miss tip-off. Our suite was catered with tons of yummy food and soda/beer/water followed up by the most delicious dessert. I watched the game until halftime (pretty much I got done eating) and then went to chill with everyone else who was watching the Oscars. Yes, there was another tv in our suite that was automatically tuned to the Oscars. From that point forward I have no idea what happened in the game. All of a sudden the game is over and I come to find out later that the Sonics lost by 20 and Kobe Bryant was ejected from the game. What? Kobe was ejected from a game against the Sonics???

After hanging out in the suite until the staff practically pushed us out the door, we went up the road to Jabu, a cute little hangout pub with table tenis. (How cool is that??) I just like the name: Jabu. It reminds me of the god Jobu from Major League and that's what kept repeating in my head until I got home.

Monday morning kind of sucked-not because I had too much to drink and have a hangover (which I didn't)-but because it felt like the game was on a Wednesday or Thursday and it should have been the end of the week. Yeah, that never happened........

Pics below.

.....and the suite......

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